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Making a Fascinator; Step by Step Guide

Making a Fascinator: Easy Step by Step Guide

Fascinators are one of those hair accessories that I absolutely love! They can be made in any color or theme and are relatively quick and easy. Before I knew the word fascinator, I just called them “mini hats”.

As per Wikipedia, a fascinator is a headpiece, worn as an alternative to a hat. The Wikipedia article is quite small but here is the link if you want to read it yourselves.

A fascinator is one of those versatile hair accessories that can be made as simple or as extravagant as you want. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to making a fascinator.

The one I made for this tutorial is a Halloween themed one, in orange and black.


-Fabric -I used some fabric from a fat quarter

-Tulle – 4 circles of tulle (I didn’t measure them I just eye balled an approximate size, about 4 -5 inches diameter) And one bigger Circle that would partially hang over the side, almost like a veil.

-Light cardboard – I used some packaging cardboard. I cut it into a circle like shape. Probably about 5 inches in diameter. You can make it bigger or smaller, depending on what size fascinator you want.

-Shabby flower (or you can make a fabric flower)- I glued a black bead in the center.


-Alligator clip and some felt to help attach it.Materials needed for making the fascinator


Step 1:

After cutting your rough circle shape from light cardboard, cut a thin sliver out of it to make a shallow cone shape. It’s difficult to explain so here is a photo after I had cut out the sliver and overlapped the two sides. I then glued the sides and this makes the base for the fascinator,

Fascinator Tutorial- step by step guide

Step 2:

I cut a slightly larger than the size of the base circle out of my chosen fabric. Then I covered the base with it. I used Tacky glue to attach it but it took a while to dry. Use hot glue and it dries in seconds.  Just watch your fingers. I burned myself so many times!

Fascinator tutorial
The top of the base
The bottom (wrong side) of the base.

I cut a smaller circle to cover the bottom side of the base. You can see it’s not so perfect but it’s better than seeing the bare cardboard.

Step 3:

I use the circles of tulle I had cut previously and fold each one in half and then in half once again. So it looks something like this:

Tutorial Making a fascinator; step by step guide

I gather all the circles folded like that and hold them in one hand. Then I place them on the base where I think they will look good. It’s not a precise science at all. Go with what feels and looks good to you!

After I have them in the position I like them, I place some hot glue on the base.

Making a fascinator, step by step guide
Gluing the tulle onto the base. Watch you fingers here!

Step 4:

I then attach the bigger tulle piece and I fold it so it hangs over the side. Like so:

Step 5:

Tulle doesn’t stay attached with hot glue on its own without something more solid anchoring it ( at least not in my experience). So I dab glue to the back of the flower and place it at the base of the tulle group. And now al the tulle and the flower are held in place.

Making a fascinator step by step guide

I add the finishing touches in the form of feathers. Feathers add a touch of whimsy and I felt like making this fascinator whimsical. SO I dabbed some under the flower and inserted the feather there.

Step 6:

The last step is adding the alligator clip so you can wear the fascinator in your hair. I used a felt circle to make it more secure.

Here I don’t have the felt circle pictured and the alligator clip is not attached yet. Use a lot of glue to attach the clip for a secure hold. I use these alligator clips I get from Amazon:

I have bought these clips multiple times and they have been of consistently great quality: they have a strong hold and do not feel flimsy at all. (The above is an affiliate link- if you buy through the link, I may get a small commission, at no extra cost to you).

And here is me wearing it after its all finished:

Please ignore the bits of glue still hanging on the hair piece. Lol

What did you think of this tutorial? Will you make a fascinator or two?

Making a fascinator; step by step guide; make an easy stylish hair accessory to complement any occasion


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