Chronic disease

Little Victories: living with chronic disease and not taking things for granted

Little Victories: Chronic disease and not taking things for granted.


I have been MIA here in the last couple of weeks and this time my chronic disease is not to blame. When I started this blog I told myself I would post regularly- 2-3 times a week. But life happened so I reluctantly had to put a pause on posting. We had a bat situation in our house and long story short: we had to get 33 shots between the 3 of us in a two week period. Rabies shots are no fun but rabies is too scary to take chances. By the way, they really should come up with cheap rabies shots for humans just as they have for pets. I am praying the insurance covers everything!

Anyway, This post isn’t going to be about bats and rabies shots.

A week ago, I had to take my daughter to gymnastics and field hockey practice two days in a row. On the drive back, I was thinking (as I often do while driving lol) that I felt so proud of myself for accomplishing these two small activities. And two words popped in my head: Little Victories.

A Hard lesson

I used to take a lot of things for granted. Getting out of bed every morning, walking, shopping, driving, doing laundry…..Those were all easy to do and I did them without thinking. One of the hardest things to accept was the limitations my chronic disease placed on me. Those small, seemingly insignificant things I could do without a care turned into giant mountains.

And now every time I manage to accomplish one I see it as a little victory.

Little Victory

My little victories are numerous every day chores: doing laundry, folding laundry, cooking, sweeping the floor and all the other trivial household chores. The shores I sued to do on auto pilot. But those chores now require careful planning on my part. I need to manage my time and rest very frequently to do even one of those chores if I don’t want to get sick.

If I push myself and don’t listen to my body, I end up exhausted, my heart is screaming at me and I need to rest for days on end to recover.

That’s why I am so proud of every little victory: if I can accomplish a small chore without collapsing, that is a big accomplishment.

Chronic disease has made me adjust every aspect of my life. and I still battle with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and helplessness. But I try not let it define me.

How do you manage your chronic disease? Do every day chores tire you out?

Chronic disease and not taking things for granted.



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