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How many clothes do we really need?

How many clothes do we need?

Downsizing for the Fall season

School is starting in a few days and every year during this time I am in a closet purging mood. There are a few reasons for this and they are kid of intertwined: I need to get rid of the clothes she’s outgrown; I like my daughter’s clothes to be somewhat organized when school starts; and I like selling her outgrown clothes and hopefully getting some pocket change 🙂 I love the Kidizen app (there is an IOS and Android app) for selling her clothes.

Her closet is overflowing and when I say this, I mean any and every space that holds her clothes is overflowing! It is crazy! (Peruse the pictures below and you will see what I mean.) I am fully to blame for this- I buy her way too many clothes. I buy seasons in advance and sales are my weakness!

Current situation

How many clothes do we really need? How many clothes do we really need? How many clothes do we really need?

On the left is her laundry hamper, filled to bursting, with clean clothes. The middle is her dresser and the right picture is her walk-in closet that houses her dresses.




How many clothes do we really need?How may clothes do we really need?

The big picture shows her bed which has a closet and drawers that hold her pajamas, gymnastics leotards and swimwear. By the way, I do love the storage this IKEA bed provides. 🙂 The bottom pics show the shameful state of my office- clothes on the desk and my chair.

So I really, really need to downsize!

My list of clothes

I went online and researched guidelines and other people’s opinion on the subject. I read a lot of articles but in the end I came up with my own number of articles of clothing.

How many clohes do we really need?

This is a picture of my bullet journal where I jotted down the list. As you can see, I wrote the numbers in pencil in case I need to adjust but I think this is pretty close to finalized.

My daughter is in 3rd grade and we do laundry every few days.

*Dresses- 14 (her dresses are mixture of casual and dressy)

*Short sleeve shirts- 5 (this is for fall/winter season)

*Long sleeves shirts (lightweight)- 10

*Skirts -5

*Jeans/cords- 5

*Leggings- 10 (she wears a lot of leggings with dresses)

*Shorts – 2 (plan to wear them with tights)

*Sweaters- 5


I didn’t put shoes on the list because we never have too many of those. 🙂 She has a pair of sneakers, a pair of snow boots, regular warm boots, and one pair of dress shoes. She also has 3-4 pairs of tights to wear throughout the fall/winter seasons.

I didn’t put jackets on the list because she basically has two for the winter and she alternates them every few days.

This list reflects what she likes to wear (dresses more than pants and shirts). I didn’t put a limit on underwear and socks (I simply throw out the outgrown stuff and replenish as needed).

As you can see I am planning to downsize my closet too. I wear about a quarter of what I have!

Now that I have this list, I need to actually implement it!

How many clothes do your kids have? How about you? Do you plan to downsize?

How many clothes do we really need? My list for organizinf my daughter's overflowing closet and dresser.






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