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Easy, quick diy hair accessories that are no sew and no glue!

Unbelievably easy diy hair accessories!

Some take a few seconds to make!

When I first started crafting as an outlet┬áto deal with my chronic disease, hair accessories were my creation of choice. I had spent so much money on custom bows for my daughter throughout the years. My husband ( wanting me to stop wallowing in self-pity and more importantly stop spending so much money on hair stuff lol) suggested I make them myself. That spurred me on and after hours spent on Pinterest, I was hooked. ­čÖé

I made some elaborate bows in the last year and I do love creating those. But sometimes, you just need something pretty and easy. I had the school mornings when my daughter wanted something different and I had only a few minutes to come up with that something.

So here are my easy and quick hair accessories. No sewing or hot gluing required!

1. Buttons!

I love buttons. I don’t know what is so attractive about buttons but they make me happy! And I have a LOT of them!

For this one all you need is buttons with big eyes (big enough to slip hair elastic through).

Button hair accessories- quick and easy to make. Use buttons of all shapes and sizes for a unique hair accessory!
Super easy!

It literally took me a minute to complete all 5 of these. I usually get the elastic from the dollar store ( they come in packs of about 30)!

Another button hair craft I love is when I make my own button! I cover a button in fabric and then loop the elastic through the eye on the back of the button after it’s assembled.

Buttons to cover are a great way to make quick made to match hair accessories with scrap fabric.

You can see the two parts of the button in the top right picture. The buttons I buy come with the tool needed( the clear plastic cicrle in the top left picture).

The best buttons I have found are the Maxant buttons ( the ones pictures are size 45, 1 1/8 inch. I get mine from Amazon and have always been happy with them.

Maxant buttons
Maxant buttons – size 45 with wire eyes. (Affiliate link – if you click on the link and buy from it, I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you). Read my disclosure here.

2. Hair elastic and ribbons, fabric, tulle …..

This one will take longer depending on the material used. But it’s still an easy way to make a custom hair tie without sewing or gluing.

Easy hair tie made with scrap ribbons tied around the elastic. Make fun, mix and match hair ties with no special tools needed.

This one took me the longest to complete. I cut my ribbons in equal lengths ( 6 inches) and had to tie them around the elastic. I didn’t burn the ends( like I usually would when working with ribbon) ┬ábut I would recommend it so the ribbons won’t fray. And in hindsight I would cut the ribbons a bit shorter.

Use that scrap fabric to make a quick and colorful hair accessories. All you need are scissors, hair elastic and fabric strips!

I think this one turned out really well! I used my pinking shears to cut the strips of fabric ( I made them over 4 inches long). This one was quicker to complete than the ribbon one and I think it turned out better. Great use for fabric scraps!

Tulle can add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Add this to a hair tie and you have a fun hair accessory. This one was a spur of the moment creation while I was photographing everything else. It took me about a minute. You can make it like this or continue tying tulle all the way around the elastic. Tulle is so easy to work it!

3. Snap clips

Snap clips come in all kinds of colors but if you have some basic colors like silver or black, you can dress them up really quickly.

Snap clips and lace make for a quick and easy hair clip! Make them to match an outfit to for a fun accessory needed in a snap!

I used some lace and I think think they turned out cute and unique. I just looped the lace through the middle of the snap clip and then pulled the ends of the lace through the loop. I tried the loop on the front and back and I think I like the loop through the back better ( top right picture).

What are your favorite ways to make quick and easy hair accessories?

Quick and easy hair accessories that literally take seconds to minutes to complete. No sew, no glue! Use buttons, fabric, ribbon, tulle and create a unique and fun hair tie or clip.

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