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My top 5 online stores

Top 5 online stores that are lifesavers for those with chronic disease

Shopping was one of my favorite activities. I used to love hunting for bargains in stores of all kinds- crafts stores during huge clearance sales, Black Friday sales, thrift stores, garage sales…if shopping was involved, I was all over that!

However, my heart disease put a stop to all that. Going to the store now fills me with dread. I have to decide if it is really necessary to go and gauge how I feel. During my bad days (the days when just walking to the kitchen is a struggle) , shopping is completely out of the question.

Online shopping has become Essential for me! And I am so greatful it exists.

Here are my top 5 stores to buy crafts supplies and other essentials like toilet paper 🙂

1. Shopping Amazon

There was no doubt that Amazon was going to be my number one.

I have been using it for many years and have never been disappointed. It has great customer service- the few times I have had to return something they have been amazing.

I have Amazon Prime and have had it for over 5 years. The two day shipping was the main reason I signed up back in the day. Now, Amazon prime offers s many more benefits that I am sure I will miss some here:

  • Free 2 day shipping on all Prime items (a LOT of the items are prime items)
  • Amazon Prime video streaming – a huge variety of videos to choose from
  • Amazon Prime photos  -unlimited photo storage – I recently learned about this! You download the app and can set up your photos to be stored to the app, thus freeing storage space on your phone, tablet etc.
  • Amazon music – stream 2 million songs songs as part of your prime membership. Admittedly, I haven’t used Prime music much. My daughter uses it on her kindle.
  • There are discounts and deals only for prime members.

As I mentioned above, the main reason I signed up for prime years ago was for the 2 day shipping. And Prime was a necessity when we were living in Japan. Prime membership meant I would get my purchases in one week every time! Prime always shipped priority to FPO.


What do I buy on Amazon?

A lot of stuff! I have bought shoes, clothes, curtains, a scooter (birthday present for my daughter), a dollhouse (Christmas present :)), lots of other toys, kindles, iPhone and iPad cases, party supplies…..I will stop here because otherwise this post will just be my list of stuff I have bought from Amazon! Bottom line: I buy all kinds of things from Amazon. These are some of my crafty buys from Amazon

  • Hair clips – the alligator clips I use to make hair bows. These 1 3/4 inch clip are well made and have a good grip. I have purchased them repeatedly.
  • Maxant buttons- I love them these buttons- I can cover them in any fabric to match any occasion or holiday and they come with either flat backs or eyes.
  • Avery project sticker paper – I like this paper, it sticks well but also comes off cleanly when removed.
Buttons covered with fabric make quick and easy hair accessories!
Some of my buttons I covered – it literally takes only a minute. These are sizes 45 and 36. Added one of the smaller buttons to a yo-yo I whipped up quickly.

MY non crafty purchase that I buy regularly (and have been buying it for 4 years) is magnesium powder. I was suffering from insomnia in 2013 and that was as the only thing that helped. I have been buying it ever since! Magnesium is a natural relaxer and also essential for heart health. The Brand is Natural calm and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

2. Shopping Wish

Okay, I am really, really liking Wish!  It was a big contender for my number one spot.

I discovered Wish 2 years ago, right after we had moved to the US from Japan.  I was so happy when I first downloaded the app and started browsing the products!

IT WAS chock full of cute Asian products! The stuff I was used to buying from the 100 yen store (like the $1 store but 100 times more awesome!) or Aeon (department store/grocery store chain in Japan).

A lot of people have varying luck with the quality of the products ( as per the reviews), but I have been lucky and satisfied with everything I have bought from WISH! Even the one clothing purchase I am made was cute and it fit me! 🙂

Here are my top Wish products:

  • Colored pens and pencils- such a good price and so man you varieties to choose from. My pencils and pens in this post were all bought from Wish.
  • Stationery – notebooks, sticky notes, stickers, washi tape, desk organizers. Most are $1 each plus shipping or free and you just pay shipping.
  • Supploes for making accessories- shabby flowers (I bought 50 for $5!), foldover elastic, Hair elastic ( 100 for $1), crotchety headbands, little ornaments to add the finishing attach to accessories (flowers, anchors, cameos).
  • Felt- I got 40 small felt sheets of assorted colors for $4 plus shipping.
  • Metal cutting dies- they seriously have a massive selection of dies!

I AM am sure I am my forgetting some things but seriously check out Wish if you haven’t already! The only downfall is that shipping usually take a few weeks are shipped from China. Although they now have some products that ship faster.

Here Are pictures of some of my Wish goodies!


Wish products- awesome craft finds at great prices.
Food Cabochons, dies and hair accessories supplies.
Wish is great for stationery supplies - stickers, pencil bags, pens and more. The prices are unbeatable!
Little bags, pencil pouch and lots of stickers!
Shabby flowers by the yard at Wish! Great for making accessories!
Shabby flowers by the yard and my 40 felt sheets.

3. eBay

I like eBay for cheap craft supplies. But I have also bought lots of clothes on there! A LOT Of my Lularoe clothes were found on eBay.

I love searching for products and not knowing what treasure I will find.

One of the things I found was a big Cricut supply lot on eBay for a great price.  I Talk about it in this post.

I have purchased many ribbons, buttons…Did I mention ribbons? I just looked at my order history from last fall- i bought so many ribbons, it’s embarrassing! If you are in the market  for ribbons, the seller grosgrainribbons2 is great- she ships fast and includes a free gift!

I love searching on eBay and getting a good deal. My favorite type of purchases are lots!

Planners to plan out every aspect of your life. Plan in style with these cute planners.
Planners I scored on eBay a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

4. Hollar

I discovered Hollar about a month ago and was surprised at the at amount of products they are offer at extraordinary low prices. They have a wide variety of things.

I only made two purchases so far but I got a bunch of pool toys, panda face mask ( I love the Korean face masks), cardstock stack, three sets of 12×12 felt sheets for $20! With free shipping! They give your credit every time you shop! I had $5 credit towards my first purchase and then had accumulated $7 towards my second.

Sign up with my link and you will get $2 towards your first purchase and free shipping on first order.

They have back to school supplies!

Hollar bargains for your craft needs.
The felt sheets I got from Hollar at $2 each

And another bonus about the felt sheets- they are stiff enough to be cut by my Cricut without using ultra bond interfacing. 🙂

5. Jet and Boxed


Remember when I was talking about buying toilet paper online? Well, Jet and Boxed are the stores I use for those essentials.

Shopping at Jet and Boxed is a great idea. You stockmon on household essentials and won't have to go to the store, thus preserving your energy.

I alternate between them because I love them for different products.

Jet’s shipping can’t be beat! I ordered some things yesterday and the purple box arrived today! Just in time, because we were running out of …you know what. 🙂

Jet has so many categories to shop, it’s staggering. They Have a huge craft section and I didn’t know this until today but they even sell Cricut and  Silhouette  machines!

Free shipping on orders over $35.

I like Boxed because they always have some freebie or sample and every order comes with a personal notes of thanks for shopping with them. Their VITA coconut water 12 pack is always a great deal ($17.99). I always buy it from them.

Free shipping on orders over $49.

And if you shop at Jet and Boxed ( you really should, they are awesome!) , use Ibotta.

IBOTTA is a cash back app and you get money back for every day purchases. You get 2.5% for Boxed purchases and 1.5% for Jet. they have most major retailers on the app- Target, Walmart, even Amazon! I have earned $178 since signing up 8 months ago. And you can get the cash out straight to your PayPal account as soon as you get to $20 of rewards.  Sign up with my referral link for Ibotta


You get a $10 sign up bonus if you do your first rebate within 7 days of sign up.

What are some of your favorite stores to shop at when you can’t physically go to the store?

Shopping online is a must for those of us with chronic disease. Here are my top 5 stores for everything from toilet paper to craft supplies.

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