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Chronic illness on a road trip part 3

Chronic illness on a Road trip part 3

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This is my concluding post regarding our road trip. And what the challenges were when dealing with tonic disease. I will be talking about our time in Panama city so not a lot of driving involved.

Our trip wasn’t an actual vacation. My husband is planning  to retire from the Navy next year and Panama city is one place where someone with his knowledge and qualifications can get a job. So we were scouting the area and he spent half a day talking  and meeting to people he has been working with over the phone and via email for the past two years.

Mainly, he wanted to see how I will cope with the heat and humidity at its worst. Heat is one my biggest trigger. It makes me exhausted in a few minutes and saps all energy out of me. MY heart has to work harder to cool me down and that causes chest pain and shortness of breath. In short, summer is my least favorite season.

Checking out the base ( Tuesday)

The first thing we did once we arrived was check out the base. The base is right on the St. Andrews Bay and we found out that there is a private beach. We decided to check it out.

We even spied some deer on our drive out of base.

I made a huge mistake of forgetting my cooling towel in the car. It was a hot day and the water was as warm as bath water! I only staying in the sun for a few minute so but it was enough to wipe me out.

It took me a while to recover somewhat by going inside and applying my towel. I had spent a mere few minutes outside and the resulting symptoms were horrible.

This is the towel I got myself and it has kept its cool for hours! I would highly recommend it. Grab yours here ( affiliate link).

We had lunch at a beachside restaurant called Spinnaker. By the time we finished eating, I was somewhat better and I even went on the beachside to watch my husband and daughter walk down to the water.


On Wednesday, my husband spent half the day on base talking about a potential post-retirement job. My daughter and I spent it at the hotel, doing laundry and using the pool ( she was in the pool while I jus had my feet inside the water). It was at 8 o’clock in the morning and he pool,was in the shade so I managed to spent an hour outside without many symptoms.

In the afternoon, we all went to this place called Wonderworks. It is housed in this upside down building and has lots of cool activities inside. Because it required a lot of walking and a wheelchair wasn’t readily available, I opted to wait for them outside.

I ate an Italian Ice ( in the shade)  in my souvenir cup and then went to cool down in the car with the air conditioning going at full blast.

I had overheated myself again and it took a while for my heart to calm down.

Dinner was in a nice Thai restaurant with very yummy food.

Thai basil restaurant in Panama City, FL


Our second full day in Panama city had a long list of activities on the agenda. We went to the beach early in the morning and I actually enjoyed being in the water. IT was partially cloudy and the water had a nice cooling temperature.

Pier Park

We had chosen to go to the Beach at Pier Park which is a popular shopping area. We planned to go check it out after the beach. Luckily, there was a Starbucks where we went to rest and cool down for a while.   I was still feeling okay and the stores looked really tempting.

One store in particular carried really cute clothes and I risked going inside. Even the name drew me in- Magnolia June. It has such a nice ring to it. One dress caught my eye and I made a very impulsive purchase. NO buyer remorse here though 🙂

I am wearing the dress in the lower right picture.

Zoo world

After a nice lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, we drove to Tyndall Air Force base to check out the facilities. Tyndall is about 35 minutes firm Panama City,

That was accomplished and then we headed back to Panama city.  Our daughter chose to go to ZOO world. Thnakfully, they had wheelchairs and my husband wheeled me about.

We met different animals and fed quite a few- deer, goats, calf. My daughter even fed a giraffe which was the highlight of the visit. 🙂

The paths around the zoo were not ideal for a wheelchair but it was adequate enough. I Used my floppy sun hat, cooling towel, and this handy fan my husband got me. It plugs into the charging port of my iPhone may iPad!


Hobby Lobby

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there was a Hobby Lobby in Panama city. We don’t have one close to where we live and it had been years since I have been. And what made me even happier was that they had wheelchairs! I could shop and not worry about feeling unwell.  Planner supplies were on sale ( Paper studio at 50% off) and I found some on clearance too and I got myself  a really cute cupcake poster to hang in my craft room. I can’t eat cupcakes but they look so visually pleasing that it makes me happy just looking at them.

Isn’t this so pretty? 🙂

So what I learned from this road trip/ short “vacation” is that I really need to listen to my body and heed its signals. I realized I a man constantly monitoring how I feel. Which is a good thing. Because If I don’t catch the symptoms at their infancy, things SPIRal down very rapidly and recovery takes longer.

And I learned to use help where it’s available. It was my first time using wheelchairs to move around. I learned that I never end to accept my limitations so that I could enjoy my life.

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