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Chronic illness on a road trip part 2

Road trip part 2

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I have been procrastinating writing this post for a few days. We got back from our road trip and I have been trying to put the house back to its normal semi organized state ( sadly, our house is almost never fully organized). I was proud that I managed to empty the suitcase the day after our return.

Now that is done, I can write the two posts about the road trip and how I handled it.

Long drive to Atlanta

After our short Richmond stay, we drove to Atlanta, crossing Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and into Georgia ( about 500 miles). The day was exhausting and the Atlanta traffic was horrible at 5-6 pm on a week day (i.e. Rush hour!). We managed to take the wrong exit a couple of times, while trying to avoid some traffic and save time. Needless to say, time was not saved.

We finally arrived at our hotel. We had booked one on the south side of the city so that we wouldn’t have to worry about too much traffic when we left in the morning.

By this time, I was feeling unwell. The long, 8-9 hour day on the road had taken its toll. I was feeling dizzy, nauseous and my heart was not happy. It was time to rest.

My husband and daughter went to get dinner while I stayed in the room and proceeded to rest. Or at least relax. My relaxation involved my jumbo spool knitter and some yarn  (I had brought them other me for just those occasions) so I sat on the bed and knitted a flower. Get your spool knitter from Amazon!

I got mine from Amazon and it’s at a great price right now – $1 as an add on item!


I thought it turned out pretty nice, if a bit larger than I expected 🙂

My sleep was Restful so I felt better when I woke up in the morning.

The hotel, La Quinta inn at Atlanta airport, offered a good variety of breakfast ( waffles, biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs). The hotel had a quirky decor but I liked it. Too bad, they are planning a complete renovation of the interior.


Drive through Alabama

We set off on the 4th of July for our drive to Florida. It was only 290 miles. We left early enough in the morning that there was a pleasant  lack of cars on the road.

I bought my first boiled peanuts at our first gas stop. I accidentally got the spicy kind!

The drive was uneventful, except when we Stopped for a bathroom break just outside of Eufaula, AL we encountered a gator! It was a wildlife refuge and we were separated by a fence but the sight was still unsettling!

We drove througn Eufaula and I snapped pictures of good looking houses. 🙂

We also passed by the location of the National Peanut festival! 🙂 I didn’t even know this was a thing!

Not long afterwards, we were crossing into Florida.

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