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Quick Cricut crafts

Quick Crafts to make with your Cricut Explore Air


Disclaimer- this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you buy from any of the links, I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

I was in a crafting and creating mood today! And really I should have tried to resist but I had all those new materials I bought . And I had bought some more from eBay too and all those materials came within a couple of days of each other. With all them staring at me, what could I possible do to resist the call of the crafts?

So I decided to write a post about the quick crafts I made to quench my thirst for crafting.

Iron on

You can see the designs on their clear plastic backing.

I used the glitter iron on I got in my iron on starter pack. We needed some 4th of July t-shirts for our trip 🙂

I am mostly happy with the results. It was quick to pull up the designs I wanted ( all found in design space and because I have Cricut access they were free; Affiliate link.) 

The machine cut them quickly. The weeding of the hearts took a little longer but nothing too annoying.

What took the longest was ironing them on ( so that makes this not such a quick craft)  I pressed with my iron for a LONG time and wished I had a heat press! After about 30 minutes of battling with my iron, I was finally done.

I used silver glitter vinyl for this one.

I like my daughter’s shirt better than mine. I was planning to use the “Red, white and blue” design on hers too. But then changed my mind and put it on mine.


I like working with vinyl. SO far, I have had success every time and it has been quick and easy.

This was a very quick project. I wanted to personalize mine and my daughter’s water bottles (I got us the same exact bottle!). I just wrote our names in a font that I liked ( of course now I can’t remember the name of it), measured the height of the bottles. And then, I cut the names in pink vinyl. I followed the instructions for application ( clean surface, used transfer tape etc) and they turned out really well.

This was seriously the easiest and fastest craft! And it serves a practical purpose too! 🙂

Faux leather

I had bought this brown shimmery faux leather a while back with the visions of making Hair bows. I finally got around to it. The Cricut cut the leather perfectly and I found the bow design in design space ( I really really like all the Images and projects they have there!).


Excuse my less than stellar picture.

After folding the pieces and assembling them, I got this cute bow.

I plan to mount it on a French barrette.

Foil ( Adhesive backed)

I got a big lot of Cricut supplies on eBay and it included 4 rolls of foil. AND I have to say, the foil, so far, is my favorite material. It was easy to work with and the final result looks stunning!

This is a travel tablet case I bought from TJ Maxx but it was a little bland.
You Can see the foil and all the colors the light brings up in it!

The foil I chose was this shimmering aqua color! The design “Hello beautiful” was in design space. So all I had to do was import it to my mat.

I should have been packing for our road trip today.

Instead, all the above happened 🙂


Sorry, not sorry!

Do you get these urges to create?

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