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My top 5 rainy day activities during the summer


Say goodbye to boredom on rainy days with these 5 activities


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I love rainy days! There’s is something so soothing about watching the rain falling outside from the comfort ( and dryness 🙂 )  of your own home. I am not much of a fan of storms but as long as it’s anywhere between a drizzle and a downpour ( without lightning and thunder), I am all about rainy days.

Now, rainy days usually come with the often heard phrase form a lot of children ( mine included): ” I am bored!” And parents, you know the tone of voice that comes in! I can hear my daughter’s voice in my head as I type this!

So, to battle that boredom, I came up with some fun and creative activities.

Here are my top 5 boredom busters for a rainy day!

Washi tape crafts

I absolutely adore washi tape. And all the enormous number of designs that they come in. My daughter loves using it too and has even appropriated some of my rolls! 🙂


We chose to make a fun yet practical craft from this book called “Totally Washi” by Ashley Ann Lax- pens and pencil holders made from washed aluminum cans

( ***Note , we have a can opener that doesn’t leave any sharp edge after it removes the lid. MAKE sure there are no sharp edge on the can before doing this craft!)  

I love reusing things and I have a whole bunch of washed out jars for future projects.

We have lots of colored pens and pencils that used to lie about randomly so I was looking for a way to get them together. That way, our living room will be more organized and the pens will be readily accessible.

This craft is super quick and easy. My daughter picked the washi tapes I would use and I did the wrapping of the cans. The kids can totally do the washi application themselves. My daughter wanted every tape layer to be straight so she asked me to do it ( She is 8). 🙂

These are the very simple steps to covering a can in washi tape.

There  are tons of other washi projects in the book and we plan to tackle a good number of them ( washi tape hair clips, earrings, wall art just to name a few). I got my book from Amazon and I think it’s totally worth it.

There are also a lot of Washi crafts on Pinterest. If you have the time ( because we all know Pinterest an suck your time like nothing else 🙂 , cand close them out.

HERE is a picture of the final product – our three cans, holding lots of pens and pencils:


Happy Thoughts Jar

I picked up this book at a Tuesday Morning store one time while my daughter was at a birthday  party at a place right next to the store.

I thought it was perfect for lazy summer days!

My daughter picked the first project , the Happy Thoughts Jar. We had  an empty plastic jar. It used to be filled with read to eat little jello packets of different flavors that we buy from Asian grocery stores (My daughter got a a taste for them while in Japan and still loves them to this day). Anyway, this jar was perfect- it’s big and unbreakable (i.e if someone drops it, there won’t be any cuts from it 🙂

The lower right picture shows the stickers I made with our names – we attached those to the back of the jar. I made some extra stickers because I didn’t want to waste a whole page of sticker paper 🙂

We followed the instructions but they are very broad – we basically decorated it any way we wanted. I made stickers using my Cricut Explore Air but you can totally just use regular paper or for a more colorful effect, patterned scrapbook paper or card stock. We had fun writing some happy thoughts – my daughter drew some of the things that make her happy ( Scooby Doo, hot cocoa). One of the ones I wrote stated “I am happy when  Isabella listens to me.” 🙂 Isabella told me that we can take out one happy thought and read anytime we feel sad.

This  was a fun project and the book has many more we can do together.

Our decorated jar.



Our family is rather artistic. My husband paints with acrylics and his painting are regularly displayed at one place or another. I used to draw and watercolor ( I got it from my mom who was an art teacher). Our daughter, Isabella, takes after us. She uses  every opportunity to draw or paint.

We have these books that both of us love to draw from:


We acquired the books in Japan and have used them regularly for over 2 years. I love the cute doodles and I love how easy it is to follow the pictorial step by step guides.

Lower left are my daughter’s drawings.

Here are some of my doodles:

For those of u who love to create, drawing and doodling is a lot of fun and it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. 🙂 at least that’s what it does for me.

Books that can be acquired locally (i.e in the US)  and I recommend are any of the Ed Emberley’s books. We purchased this one from Amazon at a great price.

WE have a few of those and my daughter loves using them to draw.



Just a small sample of our coloring books stash.

Coloring  goes hand in hand with drawing. It is one of these activities you do when you really need to relax your mind.

Coloring is a favorite for both my daughter and I. We have TONS of coloring books. I can never seem to stop myself from buying more. 🙂

WE have lots of colored pens and pencils color coloring is somenting  have done on many rainy days. In fact, it was one of the few activities my daughter was allowed to do when she suffered a conclusion in January. Truly relaxing!

Building a fort

Now, this activity has been a favorite of my daughter’s since she was 3! She loves making the fort and does not want my help with it. She uses whatever she can find around the house. The last fort she built used the dining room chairs and a few sets of her sheets.

This activity is not so much a team one but she always asks if I want to sit in the fort after it is built. 🙂


My daughter buidling the fort and then her and her friend watching Scooby Doo!

Of course on some rainy days, it’s fun to simply run( my daughter doing the running,  not me)  in the backyard and get wet.

But for the times  when you want to stay dry I hope this post gave you some ideas of fun activities to do on the next wet day.

What  do you do on rainy days? Do you stay indoors or like to let your kids run in the rain as much as they want?



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    1. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 I love washi tape! I want to buy more but need the storage space for it 🙂 most of my washi I acquired in Japan!

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