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Sizzix Big Kick- a small machine that packs a big punch

Sizzix Bigkick

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The Sizzix is a line of manual cutting machines. I had never heard of them until I was looking up felt flowers on Pinterest. Then I found one Pin that showed the perfect felt flower! And so I discovered the Sizzix.It can do a LOT of things! It can cut a long list of materials and it can emboss. And one of the best aspect of it is that is extremely easy to use.

I bought my Sizzix before I acquired my Cricut Explore Air. I would have been perfectly content with the Sizzix alone. Except the idea of making my own designs lured me to the Cricut. You can read all about my love for the Cricut here .

I love the Sizzix because it is small and doesn’t require any electricity (it is 100% manually operated). I love the fact that it embosses- I love the textured look and feel of cardstock.

How the Sizzix Bigkick works

The Sizzix is a manual roller machine that uses metal dies to cut materials. There is a handle that the user turns which moves the rollers. It takes seconds to cut or emboss.

The machine can cut material up to 6 inches wide. It comes with a multi purpose platform, that has adjustable thickness. There are two cutting boards- made of thick, clear, durable plastic (you can see them in the picture below)

You can see the thickness of the cutting boards


What that means is that you can use dies of different thickness. There are diagrams on the platform showing you where to put your material and cutting boards depending on the dies used.

Each platform layer shows clearly how to make the “sandwich” (the term used for the cutting boards, materials, dies or embossing folders).

Cutting with the Sizzix

I used the machine to cut a felt flower. Or rather a shape that I would then fold into a felt flower.

I used this thin die to cut the shape. For reference purposes, I purchased this from Wish.

I used a thin piece of felt (I think I purchased it from Goodwill in a bag of scrap felt pieces).


I placed one of the plastic cutting boards on the multi purpose platform, then I put the die on top of that, then came the felt and then the top cutting board (you can see it shows the impression of previous cuts).

Then I turned the handle to put the “sandwich” through the machine.

The final product

The machine cut it perfectly within seconds.

Please excuse the fluff attached to the felt 🙂


Now, all I needed to do is fold it, starting at the outside, and I got the perfect looking flower.

The whole process probably took me about a minute.

I made a flower in red and white and created this headband on sparkly fold over elastic. I used hot glue to hold the flowers together (I dotted small dollops as I folded the flowers) , then attached  all of them to white felt in my chosen arrangement. And I got a headband perfect for the 4th of July.

As I said before, you can cut many materials with the Sizzix (from the product description). I have tried cardstock, felt (including the 100% wool felt which is thick!) , cotton fabric, vellum and faux leather. The Sizzx has performed wonderfully with all the above materials.

Another great thing about the Sizzix is that it uses almost all brands of dies and embossing folders. Sizzix also has some great dies on sale and clearance on their website. (affiliate link). And of course you can grab your own machine as well. 🙂

It is totally worth it!

These are some of the dies I have – they range from the thick owl die (and you can see the upside down owl I made  🙂 ) to the really thin nesting flower one. You can also see some of my embossing folders. All of these work with the Sizzix!

Do you have a Sizzix? What do you create with it?

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