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How to make stickers with the Cricut Explore Air

Stickers are super easy to make with the Cricut!

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When I was looking into electronic cutting machines, I was of course interested to know all the things I could do with them.

And what I found out was that the list of things I could do was quite lengthy.

My daughter wasn’t the only one excited to learn that making stickers was on that list. I may be in my 30s but stickers still make me smile!

Designing the stickers in Cricut Design Space

This post won’t go into much detail about designing the stickers ( simply because I didn’t need take photos of the process when I designed this sticker sheet).  I will do a separate post on that a little later. The bottom line is that it is quite easy to design and print stickers in Design space using the print and cut feature.  I had no experience in graphic design before I started using design space. It was very easy for me to pick it up.

Here is the sheet of stickers I designed for my planner:

Sticker project in Design space
Excuse the reflection of my lights and my dusty laptop.

Print and cut feature


When you have your project on the canvas in design space, you then click on “Make it”. This brings up the next screen where you actually print the project. (Your home printer should already be connected to your laptop or other device you might be using. I connected my printer as soon I bought it so it print so wirelessly from any device in the house).

Print page
Click on Print Page

Note: Make sure you place a sticker sheet into your printer ( I forgot to do this the first time and I printed the stickers on my regular printer paper!). I use the Avery Sticker project paper and I like the the quality and thickness of it. I got mine from Amazon.  You can find it  here

(The above is an affiliate link)

When the sheet prints it has three black marks, called registration marks. The Cricut reads those to know where to cut the stickers.

Registration marks
You can see the three registration marks on top and lower left.


Now comes the fun part! At least I think so 🙂 I turn the dial to “Paper” which gives me the perfect kiss cut ( I found that after researching other’s experiences online).

I placed the printed sticker sheet on my standard cutting mat and clicked the Continue button on my screen. The Cricut then flashed the load button, and after I pressed  it, the machine loaded the mat. Then, the cut button flashed and after pressing it, the cut began.

Cutting mat
Dial is on “paper” and the mat has the sticker sheet on it ( my mat has lost some of its stickiness so I am supplementing with washi tape :))

The final product

The machine took a relatively short time ( about 3 minutes) to read the registration marks and cut the stickers.


Here is a short video of the cut:

Video of the Cricut in action


Here is a close up of the the stickers and you can see the cuts around each one.  The Cricut did a pretty good job :



Do you like stickers like I do? 🙂 Have you ever made your own with the  Cricut?

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2 thoughts on “How to make stickers with the Cricut Explore Air

  1. Yes, it is pretty easy. And I love that you can pretty much design anything you want ( mine have some images form Cricut access ) but I have a bunch I have designed and haven’t printed yet.
    Definitely give it a try. 🙂
    I love my Cricut too! ( as if you can’t tell lol)

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