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My Cricut creations

Cricut- oh the possibilities!

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       My Cricut Explore Air has opened so many possibilities for my crafting passions. I can make literally countless kinds of crafts and DIY  projects. It’s awesome!

       Here are just some of the things I created in the few weeks since I got my Cricut.

  • Paper and cardstock crafts

       I got my Cricut a few days before our 14 year anniversary ( great timing! 🙂 )  and made my husband’s anniversary card. It was an involved project but it turned out wonderfully.

The hardest part was assembling the card and gluing everything together, because I had to figure out where the pieces went.

I love working with all the different cardstock so I made other cards ( sadly I didn’t think to snap pictures of most of them). Here are the ones I had the foresight to photograph some of my card masterpieces 🙂 I used the ZOTS clear adhesive to assemble all my cards. They are easy to use and have a very strong hold. SO I would highly recommend them.  There are different sizes for all your adhesive needs 🙂 I got them from the Therm O Web website, where you can find all other kinds of crafting supplies. Here is the link for the ZOTS


Teacher appreciation cards and gifts were a breeze with the Cricut.

There are so many other possibilities when it comes to paper and this awesome machine. I made planner divider tabs with double sided cardstock- all designed in Design space. I also made an owl paper clip topper ( needs laminating for lasting results)


My daughter told me she was very excited to learn that the Cricut can make stickers or rather she can design her stickers and print them. She had fun making stickers for her friends.

Here are my daughter’s stickers. I helped her design the sushi roll 🙂


I had even more fun designing different planner stickers ( as of now they are all still in Design space, waiting for me to print them).

  • Vinyl projects

Cricut makes it so easy to craft personalized gifts. I was a bit intimidated with the vinyl at first but once I got over my first time jitters, I was applying vinyl like a pro ( okay, maybe exagerrating a bit here). But , it got easier with each application.

I made some awesome personalized presents for my daughter, Isabella’s,  teacher (her teacher loves frogs 🙂 )

Next, I also made a personalized gift for my husband ( my husband is in the Navy, going on 23 years!) and a custom designed t-shirt with iron-on vinyl ( Picture to follow 🙂 ) I ued Crocut vynil and iron-on for these projects and I have been happy with the quality of the materials while working with them AND with how they look on the final products. That’s a double plus in my book- ease of use and attractive looking projects.

And right now Cricut is offering 30% off Cricut vinyl and iron-on. You can find this wonderful products on the Cricut website (Affiliate link).

I have bought so many materials (faux leather, craft foam, felt, a smorgasbord of vinyl colors, printable vinyl) and I cannot wait to start crafting with them.

What kind of Cricut projects do you make? Do you  making gifts with the Cricut just as much as I do?

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